Andrea Ponzelli born in Porto San Giorgio 3 December 1969 by Aldo Ponzelli and Rosina Romagnoli, the first of two sons. The story starts in a distant time and environment in which it grows is certainly fertile ground for his future profession. Aldo’s father, in fact, is one of the first photographers in central Italy and has over 60 years of experience. The tradition is certainly the common thread that will bring Andrea to pursue this career path. Thus began very young at to follow in the footsteps of father that supporting him in all services: wedding photography, event photography, fashion and still-life photography, through the food and the industrial photography.

Parallel to the work he graduated in political science political address economic, gets a Master in Marketing & Communication, and then moved to Oxford and London to study. After several experiences in companies such as marketing and communication manager starts a long stay in Milan and many trips and stops in the world.

His professional activity intensifies and begins working with many companies in different sectors from fashion to design, both as head of communications that as a photographer, signing many advertising campaigns on the major Italian and international fashion magazines.
The contamination of the various commodity sectors and the great passion for art, led him to have his photo elegant, sober and balanced in the compositions. Andrea is also a great lover of art, travel, design and nature. In two words: the beauty.